The Cizov village lies at a national park. The original village build-up area is nowadays used by cottagers in plenty. An information point of the National park Thayatal (Podyji) is opened from April to October with a permanent exhibition. Below the village there is a border crossing for pedestrians and cyclist Cizov - Hardegg. It is also a starting point for outing to Czech and Austrian side of Podyji region.

The remains of the “Iron curtain” pass the border road in the end of the village. The Iron curtain used to close hermetically the border with Austria and German Democratic Republic. The barrier had a signal system which almost disallowed any unseen passing. Line of this had been many times moved towards inland. The last version had 20 meters wide line with wire fence and signal walls, broke zone modified by total herbicide and service asphalt road. A part of the iron curtain was also various additional appliance like searchlight, goon box etc.

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Open air museum of border fortification Zelená opona - ČížovOpen air museum of border fortification Zelená opona - Čížov
Iron curtain